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Fit Body Fix Mums & Babies Bootcamp gives you all the benefits of your own Personal Trainer, at a fraction of the cost.

You will be regaining pelvic floor & core while burning off baby weight, getting fit & feeling great!

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  • Testimonials

    I would like to say how useful I’ve found all your nutritional information though, I have been following it and I have noticed real changes in both my body and my energy levels.Laura Twine
    Bootcamp puts me back in shape. I have lost weight, but also gained huge amounts of energy, which means I can go to the day job, with more energy, be more productive, and get more out of life!John Donaldson
    I’ve gone from couch potato to outdoor fitness addict!Lizzie McWilliams
    It beats the gym any day of the week. You won’t get bored as every session is different. The nutritional advice is indispensible.Liz Williamson
    I absolutely love Fit Body Fix with Caroline! It has given me everything I needed. I am so full of energy now, really happy, getting pretty toned and my fitness is improving, which is great!Peggy Sue
    Caroline’s Fit Body Fix Bootcamp is the only way I’ve ever lost weight, toned up and significantly improved my health.Ruth Powers
    I can feel and see the difference. No one has ever kept me motivated to keep up this much exercise before!Simon Tilley
    You will see definite results if you commit to it.Sam Russell
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    Top UK Personal Trainer, Caroline Radway, has created a system that means YOU can now get the results usually reserved for exclusive one-to-one clients, who pay £150 a week for the privilege!

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